Learning From GIS
Workshop, Medialab Matadero, Madrid, Spain, 2023
Contemporary planetary-scale processes such as climate change, migration flows, or globalization are extremely complex, quick, and hard to follow. At the same time, decision-making on all scales (policy, urban planning, architecture) depends on these processes. The friction between space and power has a significant impact on our world. To address this issue we propose to generate real-time maps based on publicly available remote sensing data that can help to first, understand and second, speculate on possible policy modifications which are more favorable to the environment. As a case study, we suggest measuring the distribution of carbon mitigation in forests, oceans, and human-made carbon sinks such as CCS facilities overlaid with the associated cash flow. This will show 1) where carbon trading happens 2) if carbon trading involves unequal land use between developed and developing countries 3) how to redefine carbon emission trading or land use policy.

Joaquin Lozano Suarez (GIS Analysis) 
Boram Koh (Forestry & Community Research) 
Johannes Schlusche (Interaction Design) 
Iván Simó Sánchez (Software Development)
Marine Lemarié (Project Management) 
Nicolas Stephan (Project Management)